Monday, July 16, 2012

C1 U23 teams

Cole found a C1 to borrow so he could race teams with Ben and Shaun. They looked pretty professional up to gate 9 and all nailed the main drop, Cole even pulled off the money move forwards. Then Ben caught an edge in 10 and got a 50. Cole liked the idea so threw in a  role just after 17 too. They couldn't persuade Shaun to join in the party but they all blame him for their issues due to the blinding brightness of his new paddle shirt ;-)

On the way home, we hit all 3 traffic lights in a row on green, something we have been trying for 2 weeks. So all in all, a pretty successful finish to the day......

Special mention to Kellie Bailey who sat and judged the same first 5 gates for 5 days. Pretty boring spot, but a great job, well done.

Party time tonight  followed by an early morning drive to Chicago to the fun park. shopping then flights home.
It's been a pleasure to be on this trip. Dale has been a managing legend, running errands, shopping and attending meetings and making sure everyone is early for everything.
The athletes have all tried their best and have learnt new things for their future trips and races.

Thanks Wausau, you have been so welcoming to us again. We leave many friends behind tomorrow morning. Many we will see at future races or on holiday in New Zealand we hope soon.

Next year will see the junior and U23 team racing World Champs in Liptovsky Mikulas in Slovakia. Get out there training hard. One of you won't be doing so many full runs but I hope the rest go hard and have a great future in the sport.
If you are keen to coach or manage the team, get involved now. Good luck for the future everyone.


P.S. Thanks for all the fish.


Sue Clarke said...

Andy you have done a fantastic job both with this blog and the team. Congrats to you, Dale and Kellie and all the paddlers on what appears to have been a great trip. Take no notice of the negatives... As I say one rotten apple doesn't spoil the bunch.
Cheers and safe travels home,Sue

Lou said...

Andy, Love the blog , especially re the C1 teams ! Gave us a good laugh.
Thanks guys Dale, Andy , Kellie for a job well done. Have fun in Chicago, remind shaun it is his mums Birthday !! i.e. shopping

Brian Otten said...

Great blog Andy!

I've added a link to your blog among our headlines from the event (we're a partner site to the Wausau Daily Herald, so thanks for all the newspaper shots!):


Brian Otten
Digital content manager